I love the public library. Even in my little now hometown, in the N. GA Mountains we have a great little library. The staff is actually friendly and helpful. Free computers, free books, free place to hang out…to get out of the heat or cold. We should have one on every corner…just like Starbucks.

I had checked out An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore sometime ago…yet it never seemed quite the time to watch it. Of course I had heard of it before and as far as I was concerned it makes perfect sense that we are, and have been, dumping untold amounts of CO2 into our environment for the past hundred of so years, and it is catching up with us….and has been for sometime.

And then Al Gore started talking about New Orleans/Katrina and the effect of the warming waters. And it hit me…my project. My desire is to bring the issues of social justice into the class…and the travesty of Katrina, with the realization that it was bound to happen yet nothing was done to stop it, and the disastrous way in which it was “handled” seemed like a great tie in to look at social, economical, and ecological issues.

I am excited about the prospect; I have already started looking for books that would be a great backdrop for the unit for middle school and looking up articles about who knew what…and when they knew it and why the hell they didn’t do anything about it…AND then how it was handled. Now the issue at hand will be designing a plan of action…rather than just gathering the resources,(that’s the fun part for me.) That tends to be a challenge for me…and one I am determined to overcome.

So one of my first jobs is to find a book for us to use as a backdrop and start reading (along with the other several books issued this semester!)


About sheilab4

I am in my last leg of earning my Ed. S in Language and Literacy at the University of Georgia. It has been an amazing ride...I feel as though I have received a whole new perspective...on me and about education. I am eternally grateful to my professors for shining a light on so many issues that are inherent in education yet are rarely spoken about...culture, class, and agency. What we teach, and how we teach what we teach truly are at the heart of what impact and influence we have on our students. I look forward to continuing my journey toward becoming an enlightened and engaged educator.
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