I am reading a great book…a real eye opener and thought provoking text on the issues of power and teaching methodology. It is refreshing to read a black teacher tell it like it is about issues of CODE, POWER, and fear of being perceived as authoritarian when a white teacher is teaching black kids. It is a relief to know that I am not off my rocker to think that if I do in as a soft spoken “well what should we do today” kind of teacher that everything will fall to hell. One of the most interesting issues that the author brings up is how WMC students and BLC students perceive authority and who it belongs to in very different ways;therefore it only makes common sense that it needs to be conveyed differently in different settings WMC- you are a teacher and that in itself gives you power;BWC- you gotta earn your status as the authority by the way in which you ACT and COMMAND that students will behave, that they will and can learn, and By God you are going to push them, and show them (Skills or Process) how to do it!

Codes- got know or teach the code that allows for succes

gotta acknowledge that their is indeed a code and by not teaching it we are doing our students a grave disservice.


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I love the public library. Even in my little now hometown, in the N. GA Mountains we have a great little library. The staff is actually friendly and helpful. Free computers, free books, free place to hang out…to get out … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Hunter !!

Hello Fellow Classmates,

I finally  made it on…having major issues with internet access in my rural digs.  Definitely a trade off…on one hand we have woods, peace and quiet, and animals (so far I have sighted a bear (BIG), a coyote or fox, raccoons, opossums, and lots of deer)…on the other hand high-speed internet is virtually impossible for me and the nearest store is 15 or so miles away.  What I wouldn’t give for a little studio in the city….and my rural digs. Maybe when I become employed??

But the Big News is that Hunter Strickland is now published (or soon to be.) I hope I am not stealing your thunder Hunter….just couldn’t keep it to myself.  Most excellent work my friend…please do share your article with us soon. And again, Congratulations!

Best, Sheila

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